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It all starts with the venue


at Todaro's

Planning a wedding requires making many important decisions that will affect the success of your day. Whether you are putting your budget together or deciding a style of menu you want to serve your guests, there are many decisions you will have to make in just choosing a venue.The staff at Todaro’s understands and will help you create a memorable day for you and your guests.



Additional Offerings


Flowers are one of the many beautiful things you would expect to see in plenty at weddings. They bring color, texture, scent and make beautiful, dramatic bouquets, flower displays, buttonholes and center pieces.

Choosing your perfect flowers can be difficult; they need to compliment your wedding colors while looking the part and bringing a beautiful fragrance to your day. You may already have a favorite flower or have fallen in love with a particular flower perfect for your wedding colors. However if flowers aren’t your specialty then we are here to hopefully bring you information and some inspiration to help you choose.

Ice Sculptures

Take your event to the next level with themed ice sculptures!.

Anything is possible in ice. The award-winning team of ice specialists we use have created some of the world’s most stunning ice sculptures for corporate events, product launches, PR stunts, birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, bat mitzvahs and special events with every imaginable theme.