Lunch Banquet

Sit Down Luncheon (Salads – Light Lunch)

Todaro’s Signature

Antipasto Salad
An array of greens, beautifully garnished with a variety of Italian meats, olives, peppers & tomato.Tossed with a light Basil Vinaigrette.

Fruit Medley Salad
Seasonal fresh fruit surrounding your choice of cottage cheese, white Albacore Tuna Salad or homemade chicken salad. Served with a flaky Croissant.

Honey-Dijon Chicken Salad
Marinated boneless chicken breast, grilled then julienned. Served over crisp Romaine lettuce and garnished with fresh pineapple and finely chopped vegetables.

Spinach and Tomato Saladwith Bruschetta
A brightly colored salad with plum tomatoes, fresh basil and spinach. Tossed with our own vinaigrette and served with warm bruschetta.

Caesar Salad with Onion Bagel Croutons
A classic salad served with our homemade bagel croutons for anice twist.

Marinated Steak Salad
Charbroiled marinated London Broil served on a bed of fresh greens and garnished with thinly cut potato wedges and grilled shittake mushrooms.


Fresh fruit
with Fruity yogurt dipping sauce

Sundried Tomato and Herb Cheese Strudel


Assorted Italian Meats and Relishes

Hot Buttered Pecan Brie in Puff Pastry w/Fruit

Chilled Tomato Juice



Ice Cream

Decorated Sheet Cake

Torte Cake

New York Style Cheese Cake

Carrot Cake


Grilled Salmon
A nice portion of salmon filet, lightly seasoned then grilled. Topped with a Chardonnay confetti butter or Mango Chutney.

Lemon-Pepper Grilled Halibut
Halibut steak rolled in lemon pepper and olive oil then grilled. Sprinkled with fresh lemon juice and complimented with julienne vegetables.

Herb Crusted Scrod
Tender cod filets crowned with seasoned crumbs and baked to a golden brown. Finished with a light sprinkle of drawn butter.

Sicilian Halibut
Baked Halibut topped with Fresh DicedTomatoes, Black Olives and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Tortilla Crusted Talapia
Thin Strips of Red & Green Tortilla Chips Compliment mild white fish topped with Cilantro Cream Sauce.


Italian Wedding Soup

Sit Down Luncheon

Marinated Chicken and Pasta
Boneless breast of chicken marinated in our own special seasoning and baked to perfection. Served with sauteed angel hair pasta, asparagus tips (or broccoli), sundried Tomatoes, garlic and basil.

White Lasagna
Sauteed garden vegetables folded into a light Romano Cheese Sauce and set between layers of lasagna noodles.

Marinated London Broil
Broiled to your specifications. Served over toast points and garnished with sauteed button mushrooms and julienne onions.

Chicken and Tortellini Provencal
Tender strips of grilled chicken tossed with cheese tortellini and finished with a light tomato Provencal Sauce.

Boston Strip Steak (8 oz.)

Luncheon Filet (6 oz.)
Broiled to perfection.

Stir Fry Chicken
Served on a bed of rice.

Chicken and Shrimp Saute
Boneless breast of chicken, skewered shrimp with peppers, tomatoes and onions. Served over wild rice pilaf.

Chicken Brochette
Tenderloin of beef or boneless breastof chicken skewered with peppers,tomatoes, onions and other seasonal vegetables, marinated and grilled.Served over wild rice pilaf.

Baked Baby Cod
Fresh Icelandic Cod complimented with a lemon butter sauce with a hint of Chardonnay.

Fresh Fish of the Day
Baked and garnished with lemon, served with rice or potato.

1/4 Chicken
Breaded and baked

Barbecue Chicken
Italian Style

Imported lasagna noodles loaded with mushrooms, imported cheese and our marinara sauce.

100 people minimum. Bar Service available at extra charge. Please call for pricing.